About Us

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Kahl Counseling is located out of Berks County PA and provides services through teletherapy online. Counseling can help you if you have specific issues to work on such as depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and other concerns. Counseling can also help you if you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed by current life stressors, or have been struggling with long-term life challenges.

At Kahl Counseling we work with individuals age six and up, couples, families and groups. We work with you to help you learn more about yourself, develop more effective skills in handling various problems, and to learn to make healthier and more productive choices, allowing for positive changes in your life. Your therapy will be individualized depending on your goals and your therapist will employ a variety of therapeutic techniques depending on your individual wants and needs.

We value how difficult it can be to open up to someone you’ve just met about your personal problems and we want you to know your safety and trust are important to us. All of our services are confidential by law and we cannot discuss what you share with us with anyone without your written permission.

Our Team

Polly Kahl

Polly Kahl, LPC

Polly Kahl, MA, LPC, is the Director of Kahl Counseling. She is a licensed professional counselor specializing in PTSD, hoarding, substance abuse, and problem gambling. She is also experienced in treating depression, anxiety, LGBTQ and other general mental health concerns. Polly works with clients age 18 and over and provides therapy to individuals, couples, families and groups. Polly is certified in REBT/RET (rational emotive therapy), a cognitive behavioral problem-solving therapeutic approach. She is an experienced counselor who is known for being honest, kind, and action-oriented. She is available for therapy during day hours. Polly is also an educator who has presented at conferences and in classes across the country and has been a guest on over twenty television shows as well as on National Public Radio. She founded Berks County, PA's first support groups for incest and sexual abuse survivors in 1984, was the Editor of the VOICES In Action national newsletter for incest survivors for two years, and has provided safety trainings on how to identify pedophiles in adults applying to be "Bigs" for the Eastern Regional Big Brothers. Polly has also been the keynote speaker at several regional and national conferences. She's the author of a child advocacy book on the psychological effects of being in reality TV which was used as a college text book in social work and pop culture classes across the country.

Paula Bellavance

Paula Bellavance, LPC, BSL

Paula is a licensed professional counselor, a certified BSL (behavior specialist), and is trained in DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), trauma focused therapy and behavior modification/CBT. She specializes in PTSD and trauma, personality disorders, autism, loss and grief, as well as common issues such as depression and anxiety. Paula is also experienced in working with stress, anger management, and behavioral problems. She is an experienced counselor, working with clients age 14 and over, individually and in couples, families and groups. Paula is known for being warm, focused and compassionate. She offers day, afternoon, evening, and weekend hours.


Join Us

Kahl Counseling is looking for personable, integrity-driven clinicians to join our team part or full time. We offer you excellent pay, the ease of controlling your own schedule, and working with other caring, dedicated mental health professionals. Candidates must be LCSW, LPC or psychologists licensed in Pennsylvania.

Please email letters of interest and resumes to KahlCounseling@Hotmail.com or call Polly Kahl at 610-478-8686. We would love to hear from you!